Hancey Law Offices Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

Whether you need to start a lawsuit to protect your rights or you are being sued, Hancey Law Offices can help. We specialize in a wide array of civil cases, providing strategic advocacy for optimal outcomes. At Hancey Law Offices, we are not just legal representatives; we are your advocate. Trust us to navigate civil litigation intricacies with diligence, strategic planning, and a commitment to achieving optimal results for you. Your path to legal success starts with Hancey Law Offices.

Our litigation practice includes experience in the following areas:

  • General Civil and trial practice
  • Business torts
  • Real estate disputes
  • Development and Zoning disputes
  • Corporate litigation
  • Collections
  • Debt Resolutions
  • Commercial litigation
  • Insurance claims & coverage
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Construction litigation
  • Contract litigation
  • Trusts and estates litigation
  • Alternative dispute resolution

Business Formation and Planning

Whether you’re launching a new venture, restructuring an existing business, or need advice on compliance and governance, Hancey Law Offices offers tailored solutions aligned with your unique goals. Trust us as your strategic partner in navigating the complexities of business formation, ensuring a solid legal framework that contributes to your business’s success. Let us help build, protect and grow your business.

We handle a broad range of business needs:

  • Business Formation
  • Governance, and Structure
  • Financing
  • Operations
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Transition Planning
  • Asset and Stock Sales
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Dealer Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Relationships
  • Licensing
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Employment, and Commercial Litigation

Contract negotiations and enforcement

Welcome to Hancey Law Offices, your premier destination for expert contract negotiation services. we are dedicated to providing tailored legal solutions that optimize and protect your business interests. We bring a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring precise and strategic negotiations for contracts that stand the test of time.

Whether you are a dynamic startup or an established enterprise, Hancey Law Offices is committed to delivering unmatched expertise in securing favorable terms and minimizing risks. Explore the impact of meticulous contract negotiation on your business success with Hancey Law Offices as your trusted partner for comprehensive legal solutions.

Estate Planning & Probate

Whether you’re starting or updating your estate planning journey, we specialize in crafting personalized solutions. We will take the time to explain how things work: wills, trusts, powers of attorney, medical directives, beneficiary designations healthcare decisions and creditor protection. We also help navigate business succession planning. And we can handle probate and estate administration needs. Let us help you find peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Real Estate

Hancey Law Offices, offers a full spectrum of services to clients with real estate legal needs. Whether you are buying, selling, financing or developing land we have been there. We can help you protect all types of property rights: clear title, easements, boundary lines, zoning rights give us a call.

We have experience in all types of real estate matters, such as:

  • Acquisition, sale of real property
  • Residential & commercial leases
  • Negotiation and review of mortgage loan transactions
  • Foreclosures
  • Loan workouts
  • Project development
  • Condominium and PUD development and operations
  • Land use
  • Zoning litigation
  • Zoning issues from community opposition
  • Title disputes, conflicts
  • Negotiation, drafting construction contracts
  • Negotiations between owners and developers
  • Construction loans


Let Hancey Law offices be your trusted partner in navigating the intricate landscape of residential and commercial landlord-tenant law.

We handle lease negotiations, drafting and review; evictions; CAM fee disputes; security deposit disputes; property damages; writs of restitution; zoning and land use issues; property management and collecting unpaid rent; and rental property financing. We also advise landlords on legal obligations, including compliance with local housing codes and disability accommodations.

Basically, if you own rental property we can help you make money and protect your assets.

Land Use & Development

With years of experience working as a member of planning and zoning, as a city attorney, city council and representing clients in many jurisdictions, we offer invaluable insights into local zoning ordinances and regulations, ensuring your projects align with the legal framework.

We adeptly navigate zoning applications and represent clients in zoning hearings and appeals. We offer comprehensive services that span zoning and planning compliance, land development approvals, environmental compliance, real estate due diligence, litigation and dispute resolution, government relations, public-private partnerships, and community engagement.

Our legislature has provided many tools to assist the developer—if one knows how to use them. These tools include limitations on exactions; presumptions in favor of development; a duty to interpret ordinances narrowly and a duty to articulate the basis of a decision and citation of evidence on which the decision is based.

Whether you are a developer, property owner, government entity, or community stakeholder, our goal is to help you achieve strategic and sustainable land use solutions. Contact us today to explore how our expertise can benefit your projects and navigate the complexities of land development while minimizing legal risks. I know how to use these tools.

If you are considering a land-use project, let’s talk.

Municipal Law

We have a deep understanding of municipal law and is equipped to represent local governments and public entities. From zoning issues to public policy matters, we provide insightful legal counsel.


Over the years, I have found mediation to be a wonderful tool to resolve problems and bring closure. Usually, disputes are between two well-meaning people, and in such cases, mediation can be a great tool in helping craft win/win solutions.

As your attorney, I can work with you in mediation. I am also able to formally or informally mediate disputes between parties.